As we all are facing one of the most extraordinary times of our lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are being mandated to work from home. While spending so much time quarantined in our homes, many of us have spent time gazing out the window to ease being in isolation.

It is the perfect time to realize how important the windows in your home are. Windows not only provide you the light, warmth, and ventilation but they also prevent harmful elements from getting in. But in doing so, windows can negatively impact a home’s energy efficiency.

In today’s read our focus is on double pane windows, also termed as thermal pane windows – how it works and why is it energy efficient. As an extra, the blog also explains how to repair double pane foggy windows at the end.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s jump straight in.


How double pane foggy windows work?

Thanks to double pane windows, you don’t have to pay for the energy loss to enjoy the amazing outdoor views. These windows take your home’s energy efficiency to the next level.

In the case of double pane windows, there are two sheets of glass fixed inside a single window frame. Sometimes, these window sheets are spaced apart with spacers to have entrapped air in between. This extra thickness of glass and entrapped air improves the overall energy efficiency of your window by slowing down the heat transfer through the window.

The gap or space between the glass sheets can be a quarter of an inch or half inch thick. Sometimes the window sheets are sealed, and the gap is filled with krypton or argon as non-toxic insulating gas to further enhance the energy efficiency.

To avoid harmful UV lights and keep heat out of the room, Low-E coatings and reflective films are applied above the double pane windows. This additional level of insulation is truly beneficial for the warm climate, especially in summer heat.


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 What causes double pane windows to fog?

Over time, the seal of the double pane windows is broken allowing moisture intrusion. This is particularly common in humid areas where the climate changes are quite extreme. Moisture intrusion leads to double pane windows becoming foggy. If your windows have an insulation gas like argon it will be replaced with moisture due to broken seal.

Although there are temporary fixes to this problem, the best way to fix a foggy double pane window is by replacing the sealed unit. You can try to eradicate the entrapped moisture by drilling a small hole into the outer glass and letting the warmth of the sun to get rid of it. You can glue paste small plastic tubes in the holes to prevent the moisture from getting into the window. But as the window is no longer sealed the fog can accumulate again in the future.


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Reasons why you should consider double pane windows

With that being said, here’re the reasons why you should consider having double pane windows for your room this summer:

Double pane windows are thicker than the single pane windows and enhance sound insulation. Noisy neighbors, outdoor traffic, and noise pollution can be reduced and at the same, your indoor privacy increased.

Enhancing energy efficiency and insulation does not just reduce your heating and cooling bills but it also makes your room feel more comfortable and cozy. It helps to maintain a consistent temperature throughout your home and minimize the energy transfer between the exterior and interior environment.

In winter, condensation can build on a single pane window due to the big temperature difference from inside to outside. The water vapor turns into a liquid because the moist air meets a colder surface. Double pane or double glazing helps resistance against condensation. This is mainly due to lower rates of heat transfer. The glass of double pane windows is naturally warmer, thus keeping moisture in the air from becoming liquid water.


Time to Call Experts

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