It’s cicada time for the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area. Billions of Brood X cicadas will emerge from a 17 year incubation period from deep underground. Brood X cicadas have big, red eyes, orange wings, and can be up to 2 inches long! They are clumsy fliers, extremely loud, but are not harmful to humans or animals. Just make sure your pup doesn’t eat too many!

Protect your home from cicadas with proper window screens. Window screens offer protection from all kinds of critters. If you plan to open up your windows during these nice spring days, make sure your window screens fit properly and are free of holes or tears. You can buy a window screen repair kit and patch up holes yourself. If you are not interested in a DIY project, call a professional.

Next Day Glass and Window is available to help with all of your window needs. We provide window screen repair and new window screen installation. Next Day Glass and Window Repair offers full service window and glass repair and installation. Please call us to help you with your window screens, broken glass, window repairs, foggy glass, door repairs and replacement installation. We serve residential and commercial clients in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, and we are not afraid of those cute little cicadas!